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Introducing our Team

Introducing our Team

Chinese Welfare Services has a diverse group of people responsible for caring for our Clients. For many of the people we work with, they might not have the opportunity to visit us in person. We hope this section helps you put a face to the person on the other end of the phone or email. We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Currenly showing CWS team members of:
Chong AM JP, Cathy

Cathy Chong AM JP

• President

Chiu JP, Kam

Kam Chiu JP

• Executive Officer

Collins, Susan

Susan Collins

• Vice President
• Leader Fitness Friday

Shae, Vivien

Vivien Shae

• Treasurer • Leader Fitness Friday
• Chair of Chinese Ethnic School subcommittee

See, K

K See

• Vice President

Wu, Dr Linda

Dr Linda Wu


Mai, Meiyi (Cheryl)

Meiyi (Cheryl) Mai

• Commonwealth Home Support
  Programme Coordinator

Wong, Yik Kan

Yik Kan Wong

• Home Care Package Coordinator

Fang, Brian

Brian Fang

• Home Care Package Coordinator

Shi, Yue (Lynn)

Yue (Lynn) Shi

• Home Care Package Coordinator

Kwong, Nikita

Nikita Kwong

• CVS and ICSS Coordinator

Zhou, Alice

Alice Zhou

• Home Care Package Coordinator

Qin, Liying

Liying Qin

• Administrative Officer

Tang, Wan

Wan Tang

• Bookkeeper

Chow, Nora

Nora Chow

• Board Member

Ip, Lancy

Lancy Ip

• Public Officer

Kadis, Patrizia

Patrizia Kadis

• Board Member

Ruan, Daozhen

Daozhen Ruan

• Board Member
• Leader Line Dancing Activity

Shen, Yingshi

Yingshi Shen

• Board Member

Hou, Roger

Roger Hou

• Board Member

<b>Yapp</b> , Hau Pehn

Hau Pehn Yapp

• Legal Advisor