Regular classes and activities

Regular classes and activities

Chinese Welfare Services have many popular ongoing classes you are welcome to participate. We have structured activities throughout the week designed to build social interaction and stimulate participants minds.

The aim of the activities is to enhance and maintain members' daily living skills, prevent social isolation and offer a good opportunity to make new friends. It is a great way to share our culture and appreciate other cultures.

Activities range from Information sessions to handcraft lessons, cooking lessons and more.

We organize information sessions frequently for new Chinese-Australians in South Australia. Topics of the sessions include a wide range of information regarding • Health • COVID-19 • Medicare • Housing • Social Security • Employment • Australian Election System • Children's Education • Taxation • Community Services • Transport ... and other topics of concern to migrants.

'Talk-to-Talk' Centre-Based Day Care (Cantonese)

'Talk-to-Talk' Centre-Based Day Care (Mandarin)

Fitness Friday

Line Dancing (Chinese Square Dance)

CWS Chinese Ethnic School

Cantonese Opera Interest Class

Adult Life Learning Classes

Seniors Mahjong Group