(08) 8212 2988
224 Grote Street,
Adelaide, South Australia
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'Talk-to-Talk' Centre-Based Day Care (Mandarin)

'Talk-to-Talk' Centre-Based Day Care (Mandarin)

Time : Every Thursday, 10am to 11:30pm

Location : St. Luke Church, 35 Whitmore Square, Adelaide 5000.

Cost : $4 (lunch included)*

*Lunch service suspended until further notice due to COVID


Talk to Talk Centre-Based Day Care (Mandarin) aims to improves the health and lifestyle of people from a Chinese background, who are frail, older, disabled or suffering from dementia etc. including respite care in some circumstances.

The programme establishes a support network while providing information of services to seniors in SA.

It also provides activities to aid in balance, coordination & falls prevention, along with recreational activities including games, health information, watching videos and cultural performances etc.


Please contact Kam Chiu on 8212 2988 for more information.