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Wellbeing SA

Wellbeing SA

Cervical screening and Bowel screening Awareness Project                                                   

Chinese Welfare Association of SA is committed to providing more convenient, practical and high-quality services to the people in Adelaide with a Chinese cultural background. At the same time, CWS has always paid attention to your physical health. Since 2017, we have put your bowel, cervix and breast health as the top priority.

In the past few years, CWS has given regular information session on bowel, cervical, and breast cancer to members and non-members. The content of the lecture involves the hazards of the three types of cancer, the age of high incidence, prevention methods, screening frequency and methods. Attending the information session can not only gain knowledge about cancer prevention, but also have the opportunity to obtain event souvenirs. In addition, CWS also provides referral services for these three cancers, making an appointment for you to have a cancer screening with a doctor who matches your language preference, or applying for a home screening kit for bowel cancer.

If you missed the health lecture, you can also click the link on the right to download the text version of relevant popular science materials, and get a preliminary understanding of bowel, breast, and cervical cancer screening. Also, if you need a referral for breast and cervical cancer screening, please contact us for support at the contact numbers below.


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