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Australia Day 2022

Australia Day 2022

Australia Day Celebration – Wo Shi Ao Ji Hua Ren (I am Chinese Australian)

26th January 2022

Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc. (CWS) was recently successful in securing a special grant from the National Australia Day Council to provide an online event that celebrated Australia Day with the theme Reflect, Respect, Celebrate.

Even with the challenges of pandemic isolation, CWS was able to put on series of activities that were captured on video and published on YouTube.

During the day, our participants:-

• Made picture frames with Australia Day themes, with teachers providing instructions using Online Video Connection, using equipment that had already been sent to children

• Danced to celebrate Australia Day - including young children and Teenagers

• Interacted with Speeches by Hon Jing Lee MLC, Assistant Minister to Premier; Councilor Simon Hou from the City of Adelaide; and our CWS President Cathy Chong AM, JP

• Joined in with our CWS staff singing – I am, You are, We are Australian!

Australia Day 2022