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Adelaide, South Australia
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CWS Chinese Ethnic School

CWS Chinese Ethnic School

Time: Every Saturday,  1:30 to 3:30pm

(during standard SA school terms)

Location : Adelaide High School, Cnr West Terrace and Glover Avenue

Cost : $200 per year (books included)


The Chinese School of Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc. was established in 2006.

CWS Chinese school aims to promote Chinese language and cultural education to children form pre-school to year 11 level. For early year student ‘pinyin’ is combine with Chinese characters to teach the language with range of culture activities, e.g. Songs and games.

For seniors student, programs are provided to help improve their skills.

With a reduction of Covid-19 restrictions in the community, students have begun group activities which include Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, music performance and instrument making, dance, martial arts, lion dance and other cultural activities with input from the Chinese community.

Please contact Vivien Shae on 0430 988 184 or by email cschool@chinesewelfareservices.org.au 

Enrolment for 2022 from Reception 1 to Year 11 is opened: All 2022 students are required to enrol via Enrolment web link: http://enrolments.esasa.asn.au/?schoolid=e162

A email will be sent to you when enrolment is completed.