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Vision, Purpose and Values

Vision, Purpose and Values

We strive to become a leader of the CALD Chinese community and to help build  harmonies and prosperities

Vision Statement:

  • To become a leader of the cultural and linguistically diverse Chinese community and to help build a harmonious & prosperous SA.
  • To be a quality provider of services to maintain frail aged people to live independently, including those with complex needs, living in their own homes and actively participating within their community.

 Mission Statement:

(i)            To assist and support the settlement and social participation of and to provide cultural and linguistic appropriate services to meet the needs of migrants of Chinese descent.

(ii)          To act as advocate on behalf of the members of the Chinese community in South Australia so that their social welfare needs are met.

(iii)         To increase public awareness of the cultural heritage of the Chinese community in South Australia.

(iv)         To contribute to the development of public and government policy which affects the interests of the Chinese community in South Australia

    For Aged Care

(i)            To celebrate the diversity of all consumers and their families and partner with them in the provision of care

(ii)          To support frail, older people to stay living in their community, either in their own home or in our residential facility

(iii)         To support people to participate in the community to the extent they want to

(iv)         To support family or other primary care givers in their role and

(v)           To be Partner with consumers and our staff to provide consumer-centered, effective, efficient and accountable care and support services that achieve the outcomes for consumers specified in the Aged Care Quality Standards