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学习的乐趣 Learning


On 7th of May 2015, I got up early in the morning and got prepared for my class in Chinese Welfare Services to learn how to use iPad. I took all the stuff I need and I was excited as I was going to a class like a young student. In the class, I met my teacher, Keqian Luo. She is around 20 and have a short hair. She is very nice.

In our class, most people are elderly people. So we are not like young people, we need more time to learn new things. But we are eager to learn and we have confidence.

All the students study hard and ask questions actively. Miss Luo was patient and nice to us. We enjoyed the class with Miss Luo. Students helped each other and we learnt together. We learnt new stuff in each class. We had fruitful lessons where we learnt knowledge in using computers, for example, setting up a new email account with passwords, writing an email with photos and sending emails. Although we are not very proficient in applying these techniques, we have made a huge progress.

How time flies! A studying term has almost finished. I want to thank Chinese Welfare Services which provides us such a great chance. When all the Chinese get together, I feel warm and treat others like my family members. At last, I want to give my thanks to Miss Luo especially.



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