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From the President

2019 to 2020 year saw us entering a long year of unprecedented challenges:

  • Bush fire season December 2019 – with catastrophic fires that claimed 3 lives ;  destroyed over hundred homes and half of Kangaroo island was severely  affected by the fires – not till 31st January 2020’s heavy rainfall across SA & KI that fire were declared controlled. However, this fire left many life, homes, and businesses in ruins. Let’s pray that with the findings of the Independent review into SA’s 2019-2020 bushfire season are implemented and SA is better prepared for future fire seasons in Prevention; Preparedness; Response and Recovery! (PPRR) and keeping our communities safer.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic- the outbreak of Covid-19, which reportedly began in Wuhan in December 2019 has spread to at least 177 countries that killed 817 thousand people. WHO declared a global health emergency in Jan 30th2020.
    • August 2020 – the Johns Hopkins University reported that 23 million infected world-wide with USA - 5.7 million people infected and 178 thousand died;
    • China has 89 thousand infected with 4,700 deaths;
    • Australia saw 25,000 infected and 549 deaths;
    • South Australia has 463 infected with 456 recovered and 4 deaths.

In response to the public health demands and our vulnerable community members; Chinese Welfare Services (CWS) suspended all of our face to face community gatherings since March 17th 2020. With an effective Covid-19 safe plan; our staff are divided into two teams who work alternately from home with communication via phone and zoom meetings.

CWS was very fortunate to receive various government supporting grants to provide support for our communities besides our on-going projects:

  • On-going Projects: Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP); Home Care Packages (HCP); Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) and CWS Ethnic Chinese school are the ongoing projects that saw us provide support either virtually (CVS); Zoom- classes to students (CWS Chinese School) to face to face support and care (HCP) that saw us providing care to some 50 consumers in 4 disparate levels of care needed.
  • Government support grants
    • Covid-19 Support Grant (DHS) – to provide support to our disadvantaged, vulnerable  and senior members of Chinese community in metropolitan Adelaide – to provide contacts to our vulnerable community with food parcels; Coles vouchers and single-use face masks  as our visiting and social support programs are all suspended.
    • Stronger Communities Connection Project – extended with variation due to Covid-19 social distancing requirements- where communities are to visit and understand different places of worship,
    • Carer Workforce Retention grant – Support workers in our HCP are given a once-off bonus from Commonwealth,
    • ATO cash flow boost for non-profit organisation – with PAYG waives.
    • CVS extension grant to expend by 2021 June for services that require IT equipment to provide innovative visits to Aged Care Facilities e.g. videos of visitors in conversations; taiqi exercises; singing and dancing to residents in facilities to maintain contacts and connectivity.

These inflows of funds have significantly helped with CWS’ ability to provide much needed connection and maintain mental well- being with our community.

I am very honoured to have so many volunteers who have risen up to the occasion in helping CWS deliver so much assistance to our community.

CWS activity has recommenced, albeit carefully, in August in cognisance with Covid-19 precautions and safe social distancing. We use these down times to increase and improve our support workers in areas of clinical infection control knowledge and use of personal protection equipment (PPE) should the occasion occurs.

CWS is very honoured to have dedicated volunteers (78) who are all very keen and supportive of our organisation. We have ensured that our members are all up to date with Covid-19 information and avail themselves with the Flu vaccine this year. We all pray that Covid-19 vaccine will be available in the near future and we will assist with organising the vaccination program.

In 2019-2020, we have: 103 Life members; and 242 ordinary members.

We hope that, with the generous donations from our benefactors: Mr Bill Bailey and Alistair Mackintosh ; we could begin to search and purchase a building of our own soon.

We also like to remember those members who have passed in the last 12 months:

  • Mr Yan HONG 宏焰
  • Ms Ling ZENG 曾凌
  • Mr Xuong Quy PHU 符昌贵
  • Mr Lan Fu XU 徐连福

2021 saw us looking forward to a recovery year with COVID-19 vaccination, confidence in our economy and general well being. 



Cathy Chong

Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc.

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