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Spring Season Outing

2017 年 10 月 10 日福利會舉辦春天郊遊, 120名會員和工作人員來到美麗如晝的Laratinga

Wetlands,當日天氣十分美好, 我們停留了大約一小時半然後到Hahndorf 食自助午餐其後我們

再去   Beerenberg Strawberry Farm 參觀.

天氣好, 風景好, 食物好, 各會員都非常開心有一的美好的舂天郊外遊.

 October 10, 2070 CWS organized a Spring Season Outing. 120 members and staff came to

the beautiful  Laratinga Wetlands, weather is perfect. we stayed for about an hour and a half

then went to Hahndorf for  buffet lunch. Later on we went to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

for a short visit before heading home,

Nice weather, beautiful scenery & good foods, all members are very happy and have a

good time.