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Amg Report

今年常年大會除了有200多名會員參加還有貴賓 :南澳洲洲長代表, 南澳洲返對黨李菁旋議

員, 中國駐阿德來得領事館總領事蔡思平先生.


更有議工獎勵 文化表演 ( 古箏音樂教室, 粵語休閑坊, 廣埸舞, 澳洲粵曲雅集, 健康星期五及華

語休閑坊 ) 等精彩表演.

美味午餐當然是少不了的 ! 每會員當天還有一個中秋月餅送.

大會從上午10.30 到下午 3.00 完滿結束.


 This year's AGM more than 200 members to participate, we also please to have special VIP Mr. Russell Wortley MLC representing Premier of SA, Hon Jing Lee MLC and Consul-General Mr. Cai Siping of the People’s Republic of China in Adelaide to attended this function .

 In addition to the 2016 annual meeting report, there are other departmental reports as well.

 Volunteer award presentation and culture performance, such as Guzheng Musical Class, Tuesday Cantonese Senior Singing Group, Cultural Chinese Square Dance, Australia Cantonese Opera Association, Fitness Friday Tai Chi Group and Mandarin Senior Singing Group.

 Delicious lunch with fresh fruit salad. Every member also received a Moon Cake to take home.

 Meeting started from 10.30 am and finished at 3.00 pm in the Dom Polski Centre Adelaide.