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Volunteers Thank You Event 2017

The Honourable Zoe Bettison MP, Minister for Volunteers, invites all South Australian volunteers to attend a free thank you event on Monday 12 June 2017, at the Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide.
The event will celebrate the outstanding contribution of the state’s volunteers, and
include presentation of the State Volunteer Awards and Adelaide Cabaret Festival performances.

A  short story about one of our Volunteer:

On December 2005 , Bill was thinking retire and he was talking to a nurse , a friend of Cathy Cheung , ( our present Treasurer ) She told Bill that Cathy was teaching  a Beijing  24 Tai Chi Chuan for the CWS. in Strust Street Community Centre.

Beginning of February 2006, Bill came to community centre and Cathy was teaching the Chi Kong at that time, few weeks later Cathy asked Bill whether he can takes over the class for few weeks so that she can go on holiday. When she came back she asked Bill to take over the class and Bill was left holding the baby since.

Bill is a very devoted volunteer, beside CWS he also is a Tai Chi Instructor for the Italian Community and Italian Nursing Home inAdelaide.

Bill moved to Australia from England in 1960. He was in merchant navy for 10 years before finally settled down in Adelaide, he was also a honorable school master in (LeungFenSchool, a small village in Tai An China in 1991.

Bill , we greatly appreciated and cherish your volunteer work for the Chinese Welfare Service .


在2005年12月時Bill想退休, 當時他的一位護士朋友對他說 Cathy Cheung (我們現任的財務 ) 在Strut street community幫福


2006年初,Bill去參加太極活動, 幾星期後, Cathy 對 Bill 說你可不可以幫我代課幾星期因為我要出外. 當 Cathy回來後, 她對 Bill  說你可否接手因我還有其他事務耍做, 從此 Bill接手了教氣功太極運動直到現在.

Bill是一位很忠誠的義工, 他不單是為福利會, 他也是在 Adelaide 的義大利社團及義大利老人院的太極義工.

Bill在1960從英國到澳洲, 他在商人海船做了10年最後才定居Adelaide.

在1991年, Bill還是一位在中國Tai An村的一間小學 Leung Fen School的名義校長.

Bil l 我們 非常感谢和珍惜您在華人福利服务的义工工作。