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照顧者支援服務 Carer Support Service

What is Carer Support Service?

Caring the loved one is sometimes exhausting. We aim to provide support to the carers both mentally and physically by:

  • Organizing carer support group and holding gathering, information session and retreat regularly
  • Providing respite care
  • Referring the care-recipient to residential respite

 Who are Carers?

Carers are people who provide daily care at home for family members or friends who are frail aged or disabled, or those who have chronic illness or dementia.

If you would like to find out more about the Carer Support Service and how it can assist you please contact Kam or the Carer Support Coordinator Mingyao Qiao on   (08) 8212 2988.

 All services are provided by experienced, trained staff who have a commitment to quality. We recognise that privacy is a fundamental right. Also clients are encouraged to provide comments and feedback and are encouraged to bring any concerns or complaints to Chinese Welfare Services.

You may seek help from an external source such as:

Aged Rights Advocacy Service.......  (ARAS) 8232 5377

Aged Care Complaints Scheme ...... ...1800 550 552

Council On The Ageing .................... (COTA) 1300 1400 50


照顧者往往不能離開照顧者半步,即使是短短數小時。無疑這為照顧者帶來沉重的壓力。「照顧者支援服務」就是為照顧者   提供協助,從而減輕照顧者的壓力。

誰是照顧者 ?

「照顧者」指那些需長時間照顧以下長者的人士 :  年邁體弱,或患有長期病患、 殘疾、痴呆等病患者。


  • 照顧者支援小組 – 定期舉行聚會、專題講座及生活營,讓照顧者分享經驗,彼此鼓勵
  • 暫代照顧服務 – 由合資格的護理人員暫代照顧長者, 可安排在家中或外出
  • 暫住老人院舍 – 福利會可代為轉介 


可致電 (08)8212 2988活動統籌乔铭洋女士聯絡。

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