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Vivien Shae

  • Treasurer

Vivien Shae         Curriculum Vitae

 Address: 3 Birkdale Grove,WestLakes, SA 5021

 Contact details:   mobile: 0407 393 322   

                               Chinese school mobile: 0430 988 184

 Professional experience

1988 – 2013                Registered Nurse, Women’s and Children’s Hospital

1998 – 2013                International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

1984 – 1987                Registered Nurse/Midwife Singapore Mount Elizabeth


1981 – 1984                Registered Nurse,Hong Kong Governmen tHospital

 Languages:                Standard Chinese, Cantonese, English


 Community experience

 2011 - 2013                 Treasurer of Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc. (CWS)

  • 2007 - 2011                 President of CWS
  • 2003 - 2007                 Treasurer of CWS
  • 2002 - 2013                 Chair ofChineseEthnicSchool
  • 2002 - 2012                 English Teacher at CWS  

 I have worked as a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at the Women's and Children's Hospital since 1988.

In addition, I am motivated to service the needs of various marginalised and disadvantaged people within Chinese-Australian communities.

I believe that participation, and equal access to services is essential for achieving a harmonious and democratic society. The elderly and children are the most vulnerable in the newly arrived immigrate Chinese communities and their inclusion in mainstream society is a slow and planned process.

I have extensive project management and community development knowledge through my leadership roles in coordinating a range of activities and services to support Chinese speaking communities inSouth Australia.

I have initiated and managed a number of cross-cultural community based projects which have been successful in receiving substantial Government funding support. The outcomes of these community based projects have resulted in an increase in the well-being and increased participation of elderly citizens and young people in the community.

As a community leader and President of CWS I have strategic planning experience to enable the organization to achieve its mission, vision and fulfil obligation to the public.

I am an effective communicator with experience in communicating bilingually and in cross cultural contexts in Chinese and English to various audiences and at different levels.

I am a volunteer administration Officer for the Australian Council for Human Rights Education (ACHRE) and have been appointed and currently serve on the Multicultural Education Committee (MEC) which is a ministerial advisory body to the Minister for Education and Children’s Services inSouth Australia.

Summary of Skills

  1. Proficient and experienced clinical nurse
  2. Good professional and community leadership skill
  3. Good in communication (written and oral)
  4. Administration and project management skills
  5. Training and Development


Mobile 0407 393 322