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Cathy Chong

  • Treasurer


MBA, BN, Dip App.Sc., AFCHSM, JP

Community Profile

  • Passionate about raising awareness with cultural and linguistically diverse communities on broad issues.
  • Continuous commitments to working in the community with cultural and linguistically diverse issues.
  • 35 years clinical healthcare experience both as a registered nurse working in a critical care environment to manager of clinical services and evaluating services
  • President of Chinese Welfare Services, Executive Board Member of Multicultural Communities Council and Chinatown of Adelaide Associations to provide volunteer work and contribute to the advancement of Multicultural South Australia.
  • Represents CALD (cultural and linguistically diverse) communities on forums that involve: budgets, health care; immigration; volunteers; women and education issues – participate in recent years:  Health Connect -Key stakeholder reference group; SA’s health plan for older people 2008-2016- Improving health and wellbeing together;
  • Past Member on the Volunteer Ministerial Advisory Group for Minister for Volunteer for several years; member on VMAG task force - projects include: Sharing Government Infrastructures with communities; CALD and new arrivals on volunteerism and pathways to work
  • Chair of Women’s Subcommittee, MCCSA; Member on Women’s Advisory Committee to SAMEAC; key projects : Women and financial literacy; dementia; domestic violence etc.
  • Assist with migration and new arrival issues and concerns with Murray Bridge and beyond with multicultural communities.
  • Has worked with others on the Multicultural Festival of SA Inc. to provide SA with 5 consecutive successful annual Festivals that involve and showcase the diverse cultures in SA; Chinatown Festivals in SA and numerous educational forums within the communities both within SA and Australia.
  • Has been an effective Professional Development Officer for the College of Health Services Executives of SA Inc. for 12 years providing health forums and educational to SA Health Executives as well as linking to National management issues.
  • Several years’ experience owning aged care agency providing support for clients who want to stay at home
  • Several years working as consultants and business coach for small and medium companies
  • Act as mentor for small start up businesses
  • Has been on small business advisory to the Minister in South Australia
  •  Commitment to thorough research and analyse problems
  • Demonstrated ability to work as an effective team member as well as an energetic individual to lead an organisation to real its goals.
  • Ability to achieve objectives through motivating and inspiring individuals and teams.
  • Included in the   SA’s 2009 Women’s Honour Roll.
  • Appointed as Justice of the Peace for South Australia in 2011
  • Proven good interpersonal skill in communication with a broad range of people, ability to communicate ideas clearly, has active listening skills.
  •  Demonstrated sound problem solving, human resource management, conflict resolution, crisis management, and the ability to direct, manage and work with people.
  • Have language skills in Chinese Mandarin, English, Various Chinese Dialects, and Malay




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