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CWS News

Chinese School of Chinese Welfare Services of SA

Chinese School of Chinese Welfare Services of SA will commence on 20 October (4th Term)

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Botanic Garden Visit

活动时间/Time and Date: 14th October (Sunday), 10:30 am - 11:30 pm 10月14日;周日上午10:30 - 11:30

集合地点: Friends Gate, Botanic Garden, North Lodge on Plane Three Drive, Adelaide SA


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Calligraphy Class


时间: 星期四 10月18日、10月25日、11月1日 

09:30 - 11:00 (第一节课);10:00 - 11:00 (之后)

地址: 5 Cooke Terrace, Wayville 5034

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2018 Hepatitis Screen

时间/Date: 8th November (Thursday);11月8日(星期四)

检查地点/Location: 3 Hackney Road, Hackney SA 5069

名额有限,欲报从速。请致电8212 2988报名。

Please contact 82122988 for registration.

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2018 Spring Outing


地点:Gorge Wildlife Park/ Mannum/ Big Rocking Horse 

票价:$25/Member; $20/Children; $35/Non-Member 

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2017-2018 Annual General Meeting

日期 Date:15/09/2018 (星期六 Saturday)

时间 Time: 10.00 am 

地点 Venue: The Torrens Parade Ground, Victoria Drive, Adelaide

费用 Fees: $10 (Member); $15(Non-member)

如有兴趣,请致电8212 2988 或 到224 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000

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29-08-2018 Carer Gathering


活动日期/Date: 29-08-2018 Wednesday (星期三)

活动时间/Time: 10.00 am - 1.30 pm 早上10点到下午1.30

活动地点/Venue: Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc. 南澳华人福利会

活动内容/ Content:

10:00 am - 11:00 am:物理治疗讲座 Physiotherapy Information Session

11:00 am - 11:15 am:   早茶休憩 Morning Tea

11:15 am - 12:00 pm:   分享 Sharing

12:00 pm - 13:30 pm:   午餐 Lunch


*Please contact 82122988 or come to 224 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 if you are interested in the event.

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August Birthday Luncheon

Date/日期: 17-08-2018 (Friday) / 8月17日 (星期五)

Time/时间: 11.30am - 1.30pm;早上11.30到下午1.30

Venue/地点: Ming's Palace 京川楼

Fees/费用: $20(member/会员);  $25(NON-member/非会员);  $15 (Birthday people: July, Aug, Sep/7-9月生日人士)

*名额有限,报名从速。请致电82122988或到224 Grote Street, Adelaide报名。

Please contact 82122988 or come to 224 Grote Street, Adelaide for registration.


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“Knowing Your Rights” Information Session 1

1. Speaker/演讲者: Ms Diana Calle

Organisation/机构: Catalyst Foundation

Topic/演讲题目: Rights to Different Types of accommodation/不同类型的住宿的权利

2. Speaker/演讲者: Mr Brenton Pope

Organisation/机构: Aged Rights Advocacy Service

Topic/演讲题目: Residential aged care and retirement villages 养老院及退休村

Date & Time:23-07-2018 (Monday) 12.30pm - 2.30pm/ 7月23日(星期一),中午12.30 到 下午2.30

*本讲座由英文讲述,如有兴趣,请联系福利会 8212 2988报名。

* Please contact 8212 2988 to register if you are interested in the session.

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Aldersgate Visit

Content: Visit Uniting Community Aldersgate Aged Care

活动内容: 参观东北区安老院

Date and Time: 15th August 2018 (Wednesday) 1.30 pm assemble at Chinese Welfare

时间: 2018日8月15日(星期三) 下午1.30 在南澳华人福利会集合

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Cervix Health Information Lunch



活动时间: 625日星期一,早上10点– 下午1点 

活动地点: St Luke’s Church, 35 WhitmoreSquare, Adelaide 5000

票价: $2




抢票热线请致电南澳华人福利会 8212 2988.

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Smart Transport Ceremony


太極表演 Taichi Performance; 歌唱表演 Singing Performance;廣場舞表演: Square Dancing

頒獎類別 Award Category:

1. 步行 Walking;2.公共交通 Public Transport; 3. 自行車 Cycling

費用: 2元/人 (包括午餐)   Fee: $2/ Person

活動地址 Location: St Luke's Church, 35 White Square, Adelaide SA 5000

時間: 10.00am - 1.00pm 5月28日 28th May

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Mother's Day Luncheon

Date: 08/05/2018 (Tuesday) 

Time: 11.30am – 1.30pm
時間: 上午11.30到下午1.30

地點 Location:Ming’s Palace 京川樓

費用: $20(會員);$25(非會員);$15(四月、五月、六月生日)
Fees: $20(Member); $25(Non-Member);$15(Birthdays in April, May & June)

如有任何疑問,請致電 (08) 8212 2988 或 到南澳華人福利會 224 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 諮詢。

Plese do not hesitate to contact us by calling (08) 8212 2988 or coming to 224 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 for an enquiry.

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SBS Interview 關於南澳華人福利會的訪問




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