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Talk & Talk Centre Based Day Care (休闲坊)



  • To improve the health & lifestyle of people from Chinese background, who are frail, older, disabled & sufffering from dementia etc.
  • To establish a support network.
  • To provide information of senior services in SA.
  • To provide activities to aid in balance, coordination & falls prevention.
  • To provide recretional activities including games, Health information video watching, cultural performances etc.
  • To provide respite care


  • 改善参加者之健康及生活模式 -参加者包括年老体弱,轻度伤残,轻度痴呆病患者及体弱之独居长者
  • 提供各样服务消息及咨询
  • 建立长者支援网络
  • 认识南澳文化
  • 提供适合的运动予参加者以增强身体协调、平衡及防止跌倒之能力
  • 提供不同种类的娱乐活动如旅行、游戏、看健康常识影碟、民主表演等
  • 提供暂代照顾服务

日期 Date: 逢星期二(广东话)& 星期四(华语)

                  Every Tueaday (Cantonese) & Thursday (Mandarin) 

時間 Time: 10am - 12 pm

地点 Address: St. Luke Church

                       35 Whitmore Square, Adelaide 5000.

费用 Cost: $4.00 (包括午膳 lunch included)*

参加者年龄 Participants' age:60+


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