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Fitness Friday (健康星期五)

Our aim is to promote the awareness of health
by doing exercises & having a nutrient rich lunch.


Every Friday at St Lukes Church
(35 Whitmore Square, Adelaide )

Time:       9:30am to 11:30am


逢星期五早上 9:30-12:00


St Lukes Church

35 Whitmore Square, Adelaide 

Fee :        Exercises & Lunch $4


Walk in registrations are accepted.
" We welcome all newcomers"



Tai Chi 8 forms:-

  1. Reverse push on horse
  2. Brush knee
  3. Wild horse spreading the wings
  4. Cloud hands
  5. Stand on one leg
  6. Right & left kick
  7. Grasp bird’s tail
  8. Cross hand Closing

Tai Chi Palm

Is one of the cultural activities that we do every Friday mornings.

Tai Chi Palm helps strengthen our hearts and our lungs. It can improve our circulations.

The movements are gentle, soft and tardy, its continuation of subdued connection changing from, to whirl, to revolve, to move, are all in harmony, naturally and at ease.

The special thing about Tai Chi palm is it recognises and it suits the remedy to the illness. It balances the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive). When practicing Tai Chi Palm, the breathing exercises will strengthen the heart and benefit the lungs.

Tai Chi Fan

This is another form of Tai Chi with variation from slow and gentle to southern fists and northern leg. You can sit like a bow and the next movement can walk like a blast of wind.

Tai Chi Fan is widely practiced in China.

let talk ...

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  • I can do it too !
  • its not easy !
  • that's the right way to do it !
  • Double ring
  • More Tai Chi style
  • Tai chi exercise
  • Group exercise