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毕加索绘画班(初) Picasso Painting Class(Beginner)


福利社 Chinese Welfare Services Centre


Monday 01 July 2019


每周一 4.30pm - 6.00pm 
Every Monday  4.30pm - 6.00pm

毕加索绘画班(初) Picasso Painting Class(Beginner)


Five to fifteen years old children 

绘画基本功训练,培养独立审美能力,以及徒手设计能力。 组合各种综合画种教学。 

Practice basic painting skills and develop children's independent aesthetic ability. The class includes different types of paint. 

费用: $15/一堂 

Price: $15/each class 

联系人: 林敏老师 0475 390 702 华南师范大学美术系本科专业,十六年美术教学经验。

Contact: Lin Min 0475 390 702, graduated from fine arts in South China Normal University, with 16 years of teaching experience. 

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