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 (i) 幫助安置華人移民,支持其社交活動,為其提供適當的文化和語言服務,滿足華人移民的需要。

 (ii) 為南澳華人代言,以滿足他們的社會福利需要。

 (iii) 增加公眾對南澳華人文化传统之了解。

 (iv) 推動政府制訂有利於南澳華人利益之公共政策。

Vision Statement:  

To become a leader of the cultural and linguistically diverse Chinese community and to help build a harmonious & prosperous SA.

Mission Statement:

 (i)           To assist and support the settlement and social participation of and to provide cultural and linguistic appropriate services to meet the needs of migrants of Chinese descent.

(ii)          To act as advocate on behalf of the members of the Chinese community in South Australia so that their social welfare needs are met.

(iii)        To increase public awareness of the cultural heritage of the Chinese community in South Australia.

(iv)        To contribute to the development of public and government policy which affects the interests of the Chinese community in South Australia. 

组织架构 Organisation Chart 2014 - 2015 

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工作团队 Our Staff  

Executive Office     中心主任  

            Kam Leung CHIU  趙 金 良

Carer Support  Coordinator   暂代照顾者服务统筹          

            Mei Lin Hua 林美华

Community Vistors Scheme Coordinator    社区探访计划统筹

            Qiao Ming Yang 乔銘洋


Chinese School Person Incharge   中文学校负责人


            Vivien Shae 佘芬丰

            办公时间:   周一至周五 

Working Hours :     Monday to Friday


我们的服务 Our Services

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活动与兴趣班 Classes and Activities 

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