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Zhu Jie

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My name is Jie Zhu, I am originally from Jiangxi Pro., China.

In order to provide all children in South Australia the opportunity of learning and experiencing traditional Chinese culture, I started a Chinese Dance School – Chinese Art School of SA in 2008.

 In the same year, I became a volunteer for Chinese Welfare Services of SA Inc.. It has been a great journey to work with all my colleagues in CWS. At the meantime, I realised how wonderful it could be to pass on my knowledge of China and Chinese culture to the people here in Australia. As the owner of Smolize Award: Language Teaching Scholarship in 2011,

I am now working as a Chinese language teacher in Christian Brother College, Adelaide. It is my privilege to be able to work as a teacher so that I can have the opportunity to introduce and present the Chinese language and culture to our younger generation in Australia.

It is my pleasure if you need any help or information regarding education and youth areas. I will bemore than happy to answer your questions.