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Happy 21st Birthday CWS!

A message from:- Mr Hieu Van Le AO

Lieutenant Governor of South Australia

Chairman | South Australian Multicultural & Ethnick Affairs Commission

Patron | Chinese Welfare Services (SA) Inc

For an inaugural newsletter celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the Chinese Welfare Services Inc

Congratulations on your 21st Anniversary

This is a very important milestone, especially for an or-ganisation that devotes itself to helping and supporting our community. It is an additional honour to write these words in my capacity as your inaugural Patron.

I have always been a great admirer of what Chinese Welfare Services has achieved.

I am a great admirer of your organisation’s leadership in the past 21 years and grateful for the work and the support you have provided to me in my role as the Lieutenant Governor and the Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission.

I thank you for your work that has always been appreciated by Members and by many of the recipients who have benefitted from your experience and enthusi-asm. Your commitment to the elderly is exemplary.

Again, I congratulate you on 21 years of outstanding service and commitment to our community and urge you all to continue this outstanding work.

Mr. Hieu Van Le AO 致賀詞



榮幸成為南澳華人福利會之支持者, 謹此祝賀南澳華人福利會二十一周年特刋發行

對一個全心全意, 幫助及支援我們社區之團體, 這是一個非常重要的里程碑.
作為是次慶典之支持者, 我感到非常榮幸以我的公職,在這裏說出我的心意.

你們的會員及受惠者一定會受惠於你們的經驗及熱誠之支持. 我在此再多謝你們作出的貢獻.

我再一次多謝你們這二十一年來在社區服務上的卓越成就, 並希望你們繼續努力,
方其傑 譯

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